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Dear TERF,
First let me say that, I’ve never understood you. What you fight for doesn’t make sense to me.
Dear TERF,
Secondly, I think that it is sad and quite frankly downright disgusting that you use a movement all about equality for EVERYONE and fights for ALL minorities’ equal rights to “justify” your transphobia.
Dear TERF,
Thirdly, your existence can only be viewed as a paradox. This is because your part of a movement for EVERBODY’S equality yet you exclude people because you are an ignorant transphobic person. If I’m ever around you I would be worried that the world crumble around you (because you know you’re a paradox).
Dear TERF,
My fourth and last point in my poorly written letter:
-stop being an ignorant person, educate yourself for fucks sake (If your still a transphobic butt there really is no help for you in which case please follow the following points)
-stop calling yourself a feminist and stop using a movement about equality for a opportunity to voice your ignorant transphobic thoughts

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